New JSP safety helmet offers world’s highest levels of protection

Latest addition to JSP’s market-leading Evolution (EVO) industrial head protection range


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As part of JSP’s commitment to improving occupational safety and health worldwide through innovation and intuitive products, the company has just launched the Global Standard EVO5 Olympus safety helmet – the latest addition to JSP’s market-leading Evolution (EVO) industrial head protection range.

Conforming to multiple international standards including European, American, Canadian and Chinese, the EVO5 Olympus helmet is the perfect choice for multinational companies with sites all over the world. This international helmet combines an extremely robust ABS shell and a specially designed Evolution 3D adjustment harness offering the perfect fit and excellent levels of comfort and thus ensuring it can be comfortably worn throughout the working day.

The EVO5 Olympus can be quickly and easily adjusted by its Revolution Wheel Ratchet, a unique adjustment system that allows the helmet to be securely fastened via a simple turning mechanism. Combined with the Evolution 3D adjustment harness with its distinctive six-point cradle and three variable levels of harness depth settings – the EVO5 Olympus guarantees the most precise fit attainable with any industrial safety helmet.

The EVO5 Olympus helmet has the added bonus of a retractable integrated Evospec eyeshield, removing the need for additional eyewear and ensuring that the eyes are always protected.

Wearer comfort is further enhanced by side and rear ventilation, which provides optimum air circulation inside the helmet, reducing temperatures by an average 2-3°C. And with optional CR2 reflective strips, the worker is sure to be seen in the darkest of conditions.

Performance tested in extremes of temperature from +50 to -40°C to provide protection anywhere in the world, the EVO5 Olympus carries JSP’s iconic and universally-recognised Shield badge of origin. This highly distinctive ‘shield’ shape on the front of all genuine JSP helmets guarantees quality, reliability, protection and trust.

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