Cat brings new medium wheeled loader to Mideast

New 980L features added power, greater fuel efficiency and refinement, along with more operator comfort and safety


Caterpillar has introduced a new medium wheel loader to the Middle East and Africa market which it says is more powerful and fuel-efficient than its predecessor, and features significant drive-train and hydraulic-system refinements, operator safety and convenience enhancements.

The new 980L model comes with Cat’s Z-bar linkage, Cat Performance Series buckets, and options such as automatic traction control, enhanced ride control system, and Cat Connect Technologies.

According to a statement from Cat, the machine’s rigorous design and validation processes have delivered unmatched reliability, durability and high uptime. The 980L uses a productive and fuel-efficient Cat C13 ACERT engine with a maximum gross power rating of 303kW (412hp) and has an approximate operating weight of 30,090kg. The engine uses a combination of electronic, fuel-injection and air-systems.

The 980L’s engine offers increased engine power by 5% compared to its predecessor the 980H, which greatly improved machine performance and response, according to the statement. The 980L uses a 4F/4R countershaft power-shift transmission. A high-capacity torque converter uses a lock-up clutch for efficient grade and high-speed performance, and the Caterpillar Advanced Productivity Electronically Controlled (APEC) control system maintains torque flow during range shifts for faster acceleration on ramps and smoother shifts in the transmission’s direct-drive mode.

In addition, the Integrated Braking System (IBS) regulates downshifting in proportion to the required braking force, resulting in smoother downshifts and increased deceleration control. The IBS prolongs service brake life, lengthens axle-oil change intervals, reduces axle-oil temperatures, and improves transmission-neutralizer performance — resulting in faster cycles.

According to Cat, an extensive range of work tools and bucket styles are available to customise the machine for customers’ operations. Buckets, such as Performance Series general purpose buckets, heavy duty quarry rock buckets, slag buckets, waste handling buckets or woodchip buckets are available either with pin on or quick coupler interface. Buckets and other work tools, such as forks or specialty work tools, can be changed without leaving the cab – allowing the machine to quickly move from task to task.

According to the statement, the 980L is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and low fuel consumption while maintaining high performance. The loader is not only more powerful, but also features up to 25% percent less fuel consumption compared with its predecessor, the 980H, Cat claims.

In terms of operator comfort and safety, the operator environment features a four-post Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) cab providing unmatched comfort, visibility, and efficiency, said the statement. Seat-mounted, electro-hydraulic implement controls and programmable (in-cab) kick-outs provide optimum work-tool control, complemented by automatic cylinder snubbing that protects the machine structures and enhances performance. A new, streamlined control panel includes easy-to- reach, highly-utilised machine controls to increase operator efficiency. Powerful heating and air-conditioning systems keep operators comfortable in any climate while viscous mounts reduce vibration and cabin sound levels.


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