Link-Belt unveils enhanced crane control software

Company’s Pulse 2.0 simplifies and speeds up operation, and increases ease of use with larger interface


American mobile crane specialist Link-Belt Construction Equipment has revealed an upgraded version of its crane operating system, which now has several new features based on operator and customer feedback.

The machinery company said the new system, Link-Belt Pulse 2.0, now provides a simpler interface for crane operators with a larger display, along with programmable features that allow each operator to customise their display as well as to update the software remotely.

The most visible feature of the upgraded operating system is its new 10-inch display, which is 47% larger than the screen in the original system, Lin-Belt said in a statement. The new screen delivers a high resolution image and has been toughened for harsh operating environments. The new resistive touch screen can be used even with gloves and be seen in direct sunlight with larger, clearer images, the statement added. It is also pivot-mounted for optimal viewing and sports larger buttons as well as interactive indicator lights on the margins.

The software also features faster startup and quicker response times and requires less operator input. Features such as electronic crane level and list display as well as ground bearing calculators have been integrated in the system, the statement said and added that a specific feature added based on operator input is the ability to shut off the engine and still maintain the live display data for an extended period of time.

Among the enhancements of the Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 is the ability to service and update a crane’s software remotely, said the equipment maker. The system includes a Wi-Fi hub and uses the serial number of the unit to determine whether any updates are available, which it downloads and installs to the appropriate controller. Software maintenance can be accomplished in the field without a service call or bringing the crane in for service, added the company’s statement.

Link-Belt’s new Pulse 2.0 will be showcased at ConExpo 2017 on new crane models and demonstration units.


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