Caterpillar launches two new cold planers in Middle East

PM620 and PM622 feature enhanced cutting performance and automated functions


Caterpillar has expanded its road machinery line-up in the region with the introduction of two new cold planer models – the PM620 and PM622.

The two models are powered by Caterpillar’s C18 ACERT engine, which meets the US EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage IV emission standards and also meets regional emission standards in other parts of the globe, including the Middle East, as required, with minor modifications. The engine is a turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel that provides 630hp of gross power, the company said.

The two models have been optimised for use in the hot conditions of the Middle East with a cooling system that has an on-demand variable speed fan to draw ambient air from the top of the engine hood and through a cooling package, keeping the engine compartment cool, Caterpillar said. Heated air exits from the rear of the machine, directed away from the operator’s station for greater operator comfort.

The operating weight for the PM620 is approximately 33.3t and for the PM622 33.9t, while their transport weights are approximately 29.4t and 30t respectively.

According to Caterpillar, among the several automated functions that simplify operations is a ‘hold’ button in the operator’s platform that stops the machine and pauses various functions while making truck interchanges or job stops. It returns to previous working speed and functions when deactivated.

The cutting chamber features a design that streamlines material flow, reduces wear on the chamber, and has enhanced flush cutting capability. Side plates move via independent hydraulic cylinders that are equipped with position sensors, ensuring that the plates float at the proper level, eliminating binding.

The PM620 is equipped with a 2010mm-wide high-production rotor while the PM622 has a 2235m-wide one. The maximum cutting depth is 330mm. The rotors are equipped with three-piece, quick-release tool holders and carbide-tipped cutting bits in a chevron pattern for maximum breakout force. Optional Cat Diamond Bits make for greater cutting performance.

Caterpillar says the optional Cat Diamond Bits last up to 80 times longer than conventional carbide bits, extending periods between stops for bit maintenance. This increases production and reduces operating costs by facilitating more uptime and reducing the need to purchase and store pallets of carbide bits. Cat Diamond Bits are sharper than conventional carbide bits, reducing drag on the cutting system and allowing the machine to cut at faster speeds, increasing production. Reduced drag also decreases fuel consumption, vibration to the operator and machine wear, which lowers operating and maintenance costs.

“Mainly, the demand for milling machines comes from road construction and maintenance contractors. A cold planer is a road maintenance machine and the main applications for this equipment are full-depth milling, profiling and surface texturing. It can be used for both highway and urban street making,” said Mamoun T. Mutair, product manager, Building Construction & Paving, at Caterpillar’s regional dealer, Al-Bahar.

“Some of the features required to make cold planers perform effectively under the harsh conditions of the Middle East are high-capacity cooling systems, high ambient hydraulic oil, high pressure wash down systems and additional water spray features. The PM620 and PM622 offer all of these features and also provide additional ones, making them thoroughly robust and suitable for the work environment in the region,” Mutair added.


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