Former Al Barari CEO launches new UAE property company

Real estate company, dubbed KOA, will target “a new, forward-thinking generation”, said Mohammed Bin Zaal


The former CEO of Al Barari, Mohammed Bin Zaal, has announced the launch of a new real estate company that aims to create liveable spaces that reflect the lifestyles of a new generation of UAE residents.

KOA, as the new company is called, will be targeted at “a new, forward-thinking generation”, said Bin Zaal, who added that the company would look to “redefine what urban communities mean in the region, with spaces that are designed to enhance work, rest and play”.

“I am incredibly excited by what KOA means for real estate in the region. I feel that it is the next step in the evolution of property development in Dubai. It’s about the real estate industry catching up with the demands of a new generation of residents, and the long-term vision of the region,” he added in a statement about the new venture.

Bin Zaal said KOA would be working to develop distinctive residential communities, retail concepts and introduce a new approach to working spaces. Each project will reflect the global outlook of the region, while also meeting the regional demand for individual expression and stronger ties to culture, he noted.

“The definition of KOA is strength, and this is an aspirational project to not only give people their dream homes, working spaces and communities, but also to set a new standard in the region of what urban developments should stand for, supporting the UAE and the region in its drive forward in cultural enrichment.”

Bin Zaal said KOA projects would seek to push boundaries not only in design but in the way people live and work, taking inspiration from around the world to ensure a fresh new aesthetic across all projects.

“KOA wants to redefine what urban communities mean in the region with spaces that are designed to enhance work, rest and play. Even more than that, KOA will be an active part of the community, supporting local talent and nurturing potential through design competitions, scholarships, art shows and creative collaborations,” the statement explained.

“These elements have become more important to Dubai residents and are starting to show themselves in areas such as D3 and Al Serkal but, until now, this movement has not yet been realized in real estate projects. KOA’s projects’ strength lies in creating unique spaces and that are focused on enhancing human experiences,” he explained.

KOA’s debut project is called ‘Canvas’ and Bin Zaal said that it will be a showcase of the company’s ethos in terms of design, finish and facilities. Located near Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens, off Emirates Road, the property will boast of 70 apartments and will be located 20 minutes from the city.

“Canvas will preserve the ecological balance and sustainability of the local area through landscaping focused on celebrating the regions indigenous plant species,” he stated.

With facilities that are centred on the resident’s requirements and ambitions, Bin Zaal says he wants residents to feel like they’re living in something that feels like they would design for themselves, if they had the opportunity.

The community will also be home to KOA’s first co-working space. This concept aims to bring together regional entrepreneurs, creative talents and business people in an “inspiring, supportive and state-of-the-art communal facility that will become the hub of new ideas, productivity and creativity that will drive the UAE forwards”.

With seven floors dedicated to apartment style living, Canvas is offering studio, one-, two- and three- apartment bedroom floorplans, and several options for layouts available.

The project will have an unmatched range of features & facilities including a gourmet market, daycare facilities, fitness studios, pool, water features, landscaped gardens, barbecue areas and art displays around the grounds, said the UAE entrepreneur.

The sales of Canvas units will begin in November with an expected completion date of December 2017.

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