Fuel prices in UAE to be lower from August 1

Diesel price will fall from AED 1.85 to AED 1.76 a litre, says Ministry of Energy


Fuel prices in the UAE will be significantly cheaper in the month of August, the Ministry of Energy said today.

According to the ministry’s official website, unleaded gasoline 98 will be priced at AED 1.73 a litre, down from AED 1.88 in July. Unleaded gasoline 95 will also be lower at AED 1.62 in August compared to AED 1.77 this month.

Unleaded gasoline 91 will be 15 fils cheaper at AED 1.55, while diesel prices will fall from AED 1.85 to AED 1.76.


These fuel prices are also considerably lower than those a year ago. In August 2015, the price of unleaded gasoline 98 was AED 2.25, unleaded gasoline 95 was AED 2.14, unleaded gasoline 91 was AED 2.07 and diesel was AED 2.05.


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