Government support drives construction recovery

Shaikhani Contracting announces expansion plans as market recovers

?The “strong support” from Dubai’s government is supporting growth in the construction industry, according to Shaikhani Contracting.

In a statement released last month, managing director Rizwan Shaikhani said the UAE, particularly Dubai, is enjoying continued growth. Other key markets include Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia with a number of new and delayed projects now underway.

In response, the company has announced a “strategic region wide plan targeting growth and expansion” in the UAE and wider region. They will also recruit a number of technical and nontechnical staff, including engineers.

“Our region wide expansion plan will allow us to enter and branch out into new markets across the region; creating new partnerships, opportunities and projects,” said Rizwan Shaikhani, managing director for Shaikhani Contracting.

“This move gives us the opportunity to bring the Shaikhani brand to newer heights and to allow us to live up to our reputation of working closely to deliver projects on time,” he added.

It is reported US$1.3 trillion worth of construction projects are in development across the region.

According to the 2010 Regional Economic Outlook by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the UAE is forecast to grow 3.2% this year, a figure Shaikhani comments is “not bad”. There are currently US$714.8 billion worth of projects in progress or in the planning stages.


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