Renault Trucks releases 2016 T range

New range offers reductions in fuel consumption, improved payload

PHOTO: Many components have been redesigned or lightened on the new truck to increase payload. Credit: Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks has released the 2016 version of its T range, an upgrade that it says will be more cost-efficient for users.

The 2016 version of the T sees improvements to the chassis and driveline, enabling it to reduce fuel consumption by a further 2%, while at the same time increasing the payload by up to 114 kg. The T 2016 also features Optivision, a predictive cruise control system with GPS.

“Customer feedback shows us that the T offers unexpected performance in terms of fuel consumption and driving quality,” said Sophie Rivière, the long haul segment manager at Renault Trucks.

“We have been working along three tracks to make our [vehicles] even more cost efficient: improve the aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption, reduce the weight to increase payload and encourage eco-driving by means of a predictive cruise control system with GPS.”

To improve aerodynamics, the French manufacturer drew upon recent work carried out with the experimental Optifuel Lab 2 vehicle. This led to the T 2016 featuring an optional built-in spoiler under the bumper, which can better direct the flow of air passing beneath the truck and reduce aerodynamic disturbance.

Moreover, a new, lighter roof deflector is also introduced on the truck, enabling it to penetrate the air more easily. Depending on the version, customers can save a further 2% of fuel compared with the current vehicle.

As far as the chassis is concerned, many components have been redesigned or lightened, so that payload can be increased as much as possible. Customers now also have the possibility of having their tractors fitted with an aluminium fifth wheel.

In addition, the DTI 11 and DTI 13 engines have benefited from an upgrade, enabling them to further improve their combustion and reduce consumption. These engines also see the introduction of the common rail injection system on the DTI 13, and comply with the upcoming Euro 6 step C standard, which becomes mandatory on December 31 2016.


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