The Big 5: Basalt Rock Composite wins prize at GAIA Awards

The UAE-based firm wins top prize at the 2015 awards

PHOTO: The awards took place at The Big 5 trade show in Dubai. Credit: Supplied

The UAE-based Basalt Rock Composite, which supplies modern building materials for industrial and civil construction, has won the top prize at the 2015 GAIA Awards for its basalt composite rebar.

Following the award, which was handed out at The Big 5 trade show in Dubai, the company will receive $50,000 in the form of marketing support for its basalt fibre-based rebar.

Eyeene Zhirkova, General Manager at Basalt Rock Composite commented saying, “I felt we might win our category, but we had no idea we would win overall. It’s a great honour. We are so happy to have won.”

Basalt fibre rebars are made out of basalt rock, which has a naturally high chemical and thermal resistance and is one of the strongest natural silica rocks. This is used in concrete reinforced bridges, tunnels, water barriers, beams, road surface, aircraft landing strips, and other building constructions in place of steel at times and is also more ecological than other composite materials.

The GAIA Awards acknowledges those construction equipment and products that have truly integrated the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment.


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