The Big 5: Fila Surface Care Solutions launches new products

New rust-stain and silicon-residue removers are specifically geared towards the Middle East market

PHOTO: Francesco Pettenon of Fila Surface Care Solutions said the company first participated in The Big 5 in 2006. Credit: Supplied

Fila Surface Care Solutions has launched new rust-stain and silicon-residue removers specifically for the Middle East market.

The Italian surface care specialist said the first product, Filano Rust, is a ready-to-use rust stain remover that is applicable even on delicate surfaces, while Filazero Sil is effective at removing residue of silicone, glue, adhesive tape, wax and old labels from any surface.

“There is a high demand for our products in the region as the quality of finishes has become essential to developers,” said Francesco Pettenon, managing and commercial director of Fila Surface Care Solutions.

“We have been listening to their feedback – since our first participation in The Big 5 in 2006 – and in answer to their demand we have developed two new products that are fast, effective and very easy to apply.”

Fila’s products have been manufactured to protect and preserve surfaces, including marble, porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and wood.

The company has operated in the region for more than a decade but only opened an office in Dubai three years ago.


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